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Alliance takes part in multi-stakeholder panel at cybercrime UN negotiating committee in New York

Side event on Multistakeholder perspective on developments at the 6th session of the AHC. Tuesday, 29 August 2023.

UN CYBERCRIME TREATY: ‘Civil society is fact-checking the arguments made by states’

CIVICUS speaks with Ian Tennant about the importance of safeguarding human rights in the ongoing process to draft a United Nations (UN) Cybercrime Treaty. Ian is the Chair of the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, a broad network of civil society organisations (CSOs) advancing the crime prevention and criminal justice agenda through engagement with relevant UN programmes and processes.

Our Vision

The Alliance brings together a broad network of civil society organizations contributing to the achievement of security and justice for all. It ensures that civil society are recognized and heard in advancing the crime prevention and criminal justice agenda and in designing, implementing and measuring results of relevant policies everywhere. Under the umbrella of the Alliance, cooperation among its members will be strengthened, reinforcing the expertise and vision of each of the members to add value and support the work of relevant international organizations, especially UNODC. The Alliance encourages its members in playing a key role towards the achievement of the SDGs, and in particular Goal 16 to “Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.”