Membership Form

Joining the Alliance will provide you with an opportunity to be recognized and heard in advancing the crime prevention and criminal justice agenda and in designing, implementing and measuring results of relevant policies everywhere.

Membership is open to NGOs and Individuals. The Membership fees are EUR 60,00 for Ordinary Members and EUR 30,00 for Extraordinary Members, both Individuals and organizations.

The Application Process

  1. Applicants submit an online application, please select the appropriate form from the links below.
  2. The application is assessed by the Executive Board to ensure the applicant meets the eligibility criteria for membership as per statutes.
  3. Eligible applicants are notified via email on the outcome of their application.

Fee waiver application

This application is for organisations which contribute significantly to the purpose of the Alliance, with financial hardship or humanitarian/emergent need. The applicant can also  be a member of the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. The Board may occasionally extend a membership fee-waiver for those organizations for whom our nominal yearly membership fee would cause financial hardship or due to a humanitarian or emergent need.

The Alliance welcomes donations to the fee waiver program for next year.

The Global Initiative Resilience Fund has generously offered a grant, that shall be used to pay the membership fees of up to 15 organizations in need of support for 2022. Membership fees may be completely waived or reduced.