General Assembly of the Alliance

Location: M6
15 May 2024, 15:00 - 17:00 (GMT+2)

Dear Members in good standing,


I am writing to you in preparation of next week's General Assembly of the Alliance. It will take place on Wednesday, 15 May from 15:00 to maximum 17:00 CET 2024 in Room M6 at the Vienna International Center (VIC) and online.

Also, this year's General Assembly will be held in hybrid form. All members in good standing will be able to participate via Zoom or join us at the VIC.

You can join the meeting online via this link:

Only members in good standing will be able to intervene remotely.

All the representatives of Ordinary Members in good standing will automatically receive their ballots for the elections on 14 May at 14:30 CET, through the internet platform electionrunner. The window for casting the ballot is 24 hours long, from 14.05.2023 14:30 CET to 15.05.2023 14:30 CET. Should you experience any troubles during the election process, please contact the elections committee at

Please find attached the additional working documents for next week’s General Assembly. You can find the minutes of the 2023 General Assembly on our website:

As always, you can check our website for news, events, and updates here:


Best wishes,


Tobias Krachler

Programme Coordinator

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