14th Crime Congress: Important information for registration 

Dear Members of the Alliance

The NGOs who reconfirmed their interest in participating in the Kyoto Congress are progressively receiving emails from the Secretariat inviting them to register online. The mechanism for registration is quite complicated: it requires sending to UNODC-CST a letter and a form, plus each participant should register individually on INDICO. NGOs should carefully follow the detailed instructions provided by UNODC.Many NGOs who sent letters and forms which did not correspond to the requested format (for example trying to register a number of participants higher than the assigned slots), had their registration suspended and were asked to resubmit.  
The specific problem that many NGOs are facing is the need to register speakers for ancillary meetings, in case they exceed the number of speakers available to NGOs (2). In consultation with the Secretariat, the Alliance would like to reassure its members that all possible efforts are being made to adjust the system for the necessary flexibility to allow prospect speakers for the ancillary meetings to be registered. Still, it is urgent to complete the process of registration according to the current rules by the indicated deadline (24 February)
In parallel, all NGOs who need to register extra speakers (observers, who will be enabled to speak in ancillary meetings) are kindly invited to send a list of the extra names to the Alliance (info@crimealliance.org) by the same deadline of 24 February, using the following format for each person:
  • Name of the NGO
  • Name and last name
  • Affiliation
  • Email address 
  • Number of the ancillary meeting in which the person is expected to be a speaker (see the list of sessions at http://www.un-congress.org/
The Congress Secretariat will work through the Alliance to assign available additional slots in order to address this issue in the best possible way. The Secretariat highlights that every participant , once guaranteed a slot, will need to be registered through the INDICO registration system.
We are at your disposal for any further clarification you may require.
Best regards.

17 Feb, 2021