Alliance takes part in multi-stakeholder panel at cybercrime UN negotiating committee in New York

In the margins of the 6th session of the UN ad hoc committee which is negotiating a new UN cybercrime treaty, the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice co-organized a panel of diverse multistakeholders to give their views on the process.  The event was hosted by Microsoft in their offices in New York, and co-organized, alongside the Alliance, by the UNODC Civil Society Unit, International Chamber of Commers, Cyberpeace Institute, Access Now, the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime and Epicenter Works. 

The event featured presentations from a variety of multistakeholders, as well as opening remarks from the UNODC and the US Permanent Mission to the UN in Vienna. The Chair of the Board of the Alliance, Ian Tennant, moderated a question and answer session and gave closing remarks at the event.  The event allowed delegates to hear detailed interventions from non-governmental observers to the process, and engage in interactive discussion, as the negotiation process enters its final phases. 

Mr Tennant outlined the important role of civil society in the negotiation process, and highlighted that the quality of their contributions has been valued by states.  He also highlighted his appreciation of the open process of engagement that has been instituted by the Ad Hoc Committee.

Summing up the event, he urged delegates to continue listening to and including civil society in the discussions on the treaty, and emphasised the importance of human rights safeguards in ensuring a workable and effective treaty. 


29 Aug, 2023