Results of the Annual General Assembly of the Alliance

The Annual General Assembly of the Alliance took place on 19 May and was entirely held remotely (via Webex and Electionrunner). The results of the elections for the 2021-2023 period were the following:


Anna Alvazzi del Frate (OFAP) – Chair

Tobias Krachler (Dominicans for Justice ) – Secretary

Ingeborg Geyer (Zonta International) – Treasurer

Michael O’Connell (WSV) – Vice-Chair

Philip Reichel (ACJS) – Vice-Chair

Ian Tennant (GI) – Vice-Chair

Jolanta Redo (ACPF) – Board Member

Linda Witong (Soroptimist) – Board Member


The GA also approved the resolution nominating Gary Hill as Honorary Member.

21 May, 2021