Coordination of NGO statements at the 30th Session of CCPCJ

Dear Members of the Alliance,

As you may know already, only NGOs with ECOSOC status can register to participate in the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, which will meet for its 30th Session from 17 to 21 May 2021. Registration is open until 12 May. Registered NGOs wishing to apply for a speaking slot should apply as soon as possible, by sending an email to, subject “NGO Statement Crime Commission”, no later than Monday 10 May 2021 11:55 PM CET.

Please include the following information:

- Agenda item under which the NGO wishes to take the floor (see the Agenda and other documentation at
- Title and topic of the statement (short description)
- Exact name of the NGO
- Name of the speaker
- Functional title at the NGO
- Email-address of the speaker (the one that will receive the link)
- Indication of the format of the statement (pre-recorded video or live statement), and - if already available - the actual video or statement.

Statements and pre-recorded videos need to be limited to max three minutes (approximately 300 words). A written transcript of the text for the interpreters shall also be sent in Word format. Please adhere to the technical details provided in the handbook published on the website of the Commissions.

As per the CCPCJ organizational arrangements "up to three NGOs per agenda item may make statements during the regular session, time permitting". The Civil Society Unit of UNODC and the Alliance will coordinate the distribution of speaking slots for NGOs across the different agenda items. NGOs will be informed of the outcome of their application on Tuesday 11 May. All videos and statements shall be finalized and sent to the Alliance at the lates by Thursday 13 May 11:55pm CET.

The NGOs willing to submit written statements of up to 1,500 words shall send them in Word format from the NGO's official email address, indicating the relevant agenda item, to UNODC Secretariat to the Governing Bodies, email:, with copy to, by Wednesday 12 May 11:55pm CET

Please note that all participants at the Commission, including the NGO speakers need to be registered through the United Nations INDICO registration system. Detailed information on registration is available on the UNODC website:
Best wishes,
Tobias Krachler
Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
T:+43 680 3317 360

05 May, 2021