Briefing on UNODC Strategy to Civil Society 25th February 10:30-11:30 Vienna time

Briefing to Civil Society on UNODC Strategy 25 February, 10:30 am (Vienna time)

UNODC’s mission is to contribute to global peace and security, human rights and development by making the world safer from drugs, crime, corruption and terrorism through working for and with Member States to promote justice and the rule of law and build resilient societies. As the world changes and as new challenges and opportunities arise, this strategy aims to position UNODC to exploit its unique advantages to help achieve this mission. Strengthened coordination and integration across UNODC will ensure that the normative, research and technical assistance work are mutually reinforcing and able to draw on each other – working to immediately identify new trends and threats, to develop the responses that are needed to counter them and to share this knowledge and put it into practice to support States. It is in this context that UNODC is launching this five-year strategy. Recognizing that a key to successful implementation of this Strategy will be the expanded use of partnerships with a broad range of stakeholders, this session will provide a briefing to Civil Society partners.

18 Feb, 2021