Criminal law as planetary safeguard: paradigm shifts in ocean protection

30 Jun 2022, 08:00 - 11:00 (GMT+2)

We are dependent on healthy marine and coastal ecosystems for billions of livelihoods around the world, as well as regulation of weather and climate. When the oceans lose their regenerative capacity, we face profound, even existential crisis. Meanwhile existing laws are proving inadequate to deter and protect from the destructive side effects of many industrial practices and exploratory extractive projects.

But, momentum is growing around the world towards criminalising severe and either widespread or long-term damage to ecosystems (“ecocide”) at the international level, which could create a desperately needed legal safety rail for commercial activity, deterring the worst harms, strengthening existing laws and, importantly, creating the enabling framework for strategic change and innovation.

Find out how this powerful legal initiative can protect key marine ecosystems into the future, deterring severe threats, transforming our relationship with the oceans and protecting our own place on our planetary home.

This event will be simultaneously translated into French and Español.

1. Jojo Mehta, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Stop Ecocide International
2. Antoinette Vermilye, Co-Founder, Gallifrey Foundation
3. Perses Bilimoria, Visiting Associate, Cambridge Centre for Climate Repair
4. John Miller, Mana Pacific
5. Inge Relph, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Global Choices

Moderator: Amanda Ellis, Exec Director Asia Pacific, Global Institute of Sustainability & Innovation

People's Republic of Bangladesh,
Independent, State of Samoa,
Republic of Vanuatu,

Organised by: Stop Ecocide International.
In association with: Stop Ecocide Foundation, Gallifrey Foundation , Mana Pacific, Seawilding, Royal Scottish Geographical Society, Global Choices