UNOP: Significance and challenges in working for Peace and Justice

Location: Zoom
23 Aug 2021, 20:30 - 21:30 (GMT+2)

A Call to Inspire Conversation Series Part 1: Significance and challenges in working for Peace and Justice

Join us on August 23rd, the feast of St. Rose of Lima, and get involved in an open conversation with members of the Dominican family. Be there for our talk with keynote speaker Fr. Miguel Concha Malo OP and learn from our passionate speakers, through their views and personal experiences, what justice and peace work means. Get inspired by Sr. Maritze Trigos, Fr. Ricardo Guardado, Monica Villanueva, and Sr. Marcela Soto. Let yourself be encouraged by their words and testimonies and be a part of the conversation!

"A CALL TO INSPIRE” campaign focuses our inspiration, motivation and support on the past, present and future human rights defenders, drawing from the inspirational lives of Dominican champions of social justice and peace. Change doesn't happen on its own. We need your support. Please help us help the human rights defenders on the ground in continuing what they are all fighting for.

St. Rose of Lima, patron saint of Indigenous peoples of the Americas is the first Dominican tertiary to be declared a saint. She helped the sick and hungry around her community, bringing them to her room and taking care of them. Rose sold her fine needlework, and took flowers that she grew to market, to help her family. She made and sold lace and embroidery to care for the poor. Her memory continues to inspire people in the Latin American region to promote social justice and to work for the rights of Indigenous peoples.

Join us in the conversation at 1:30 pm Lima time, 8:30 pm Geneva time via Zoom. You can register yourself for the conversation here.  

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