Series of webinars on ‘Change the World’, promoting global urban safety

  • Timeline: ongoing
  • Chair: Anna Alvazzi del Frate
  • Resources: All the previous webinars can be found on our YouTube channel

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The Importance of Urban Safety Strategies in the situations of emergency and disaster

Statement submitted by the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice during the 14th Crime Congress

04 Mar, 2021

Webinar #5: So What? Networking and Lobbying for Investment in Global Urban Safety

02 Feb, 2021

Webinar #4 Knowledge Systems to Enable Urban Safety

Data and knowledge are political and powerful and their use in the development of policy and problem solving is fundamental to the ability of the global urban safety sector to build, test, adapt and share innovative and transformative practices and approaches which respond effectively to vulnerability and unsafety in all their forms across the globe.

25 Jan, 2021

Webinar #3 Mental Wellness and Resilience as Central to Urban Safety

In this third webinar in the Change the World series, we will unpack what we know about trauma and its impact on every aspect of urban life, with particular focus on urban safety, from excessive use of force by law enforcement, to self-perpetuating cycles of interpersonal conflict and violence to violent protest, negative resilience and even corruption.

23 Jan, 2021

Webinar #2 Police and Policing in a System of Safety

The crisis in policing has prompted world-wide contemplation of the possibility of de-funding the police. The webinar series will explore and present alternatives to de-funding the police and also to the brutality and enforcement-focused mandate for policing. Policing should be reframed within a concept of systemic urban safety, as one amongst a transversal set of mandates.

21 Jan, 2021

Webinar #1 Partnerships, Collaboration & Integration to make Urban Safety Possible

Embracing complexity and integrating to build systemic urban safety is reliant on partnerships and collaboration. Partnership is often a pre-requisite for policy, which rarely budgets for or measures the establishment and maintenance of partnerships themselves. Collaboration is difficult, it requires courage, personal investment, trust, effective communication. Tools to build reliable and sustainable partnerships and to measure collaboration maturity should be developed and shared to enable improved partnership practice internally amongst civil society partners as well as between civil society and governments around the globe.

20 Jan, 2021

Webinar #Zero Let’s change the world and make it a safer place

Urban settings safe from crime and violence have been a top priority for a long time prior to COVID-19. The pandemic has accelerated and cast a harsh spotlight on well-known stressors such as low trust, exclusion, vulnerability, inequality, inconsistent law enforcement, imbalance of power and inadequate responses to unsafety. No matter the pre-existing status of social ecologies across the globe, our urban safety strategies have been tested in the harshest possible ways. COVID-19 is challenging our lifestyles and may have much longer and more profound effects than we ever assumed, requiring us to rethink many things that were taken for granted in our world.

20 Jan, 2021